Agile Development Benefits

Agile software development processes support the continuous delivery of working software. The agile software development process continuously adds value to the business.

  • Agile development builds Software in highly structured mini-projects.  The geek name for such a mini-project is an iteration.  An iteration normally lasts two weeks.
  • Every iteration aims to deliver one or more features.
  • A feature is useful, usable, production ready software.
  • A feature is small enough to describe easily and is a unit that a user can actually use in their normal work.
  • A feature might automate part, or all, of an existing process allowing a user to work faster, work more accurately, or concentrate more energy on the parts of the job that need brain power and deliver higher added value.
  • A feature might be new functionality allowing a user to do things they could not do before.
  • Users should begin using new features, in production, adding value to the business by doing their jobs, faster, easier, or doing things they could not do before.
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