The Data Tier


Scalability in the data tier is a difficult trick.  Current mainstream databases essentially only work on one machine.  Processing more work simply means a faster and/or bigger machine.  There are some moves toward a less extravagant model but these have yet to achieve wide adoption.

Advanced techniques can be brought to bear on this problem.  A carefully designed Data Services Tier (which properly belongs in the Application Tier NOT the Data Tier) can free the database designer from some of the conventional constraints and support scaling over multiple machines.

Dynamisys believes that the data layer is the last great bottleneck, and the final barrier to scalability.  Can we help you?

Key Benefits

  • Proper design means data deployment decisions can be revised without wreaking havoc in the Application Tier
  • Proper design of data intensive components will balance the advantage of processing the data where it resides with the advantage of moving it to another machine to process
  • Proper design of data access strategies will leave the option to move to another database technology or support multiple databases transparently.
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