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First time at the Fringe

I'm working in Edinburgh this week and it's the Edinburgh Festival time. Definitely .

Laura is up here too, ready for next term.  We were planning to go to see Paul Merton's improvisation show, but we only had one ticket.  I'd got the last one when tried to book for both of us.  We hoped we might be able to get a press return.

We couldn’t get a press ticket at the box office, she tried calling in a favour from someone who was working in the venue, but no joy.  So I was just keeping her company in the queue.  A venue worker went past collecting ticket stubs – “I’m just standing here – couldn’t get a ticket.”  Five minutes later she was back – "There’s a guy farther back in the queue with a spare ticket."  He sold it me for a tenner but I'd have given him £15. Whoo-hoo.  I don’t think Laura stopped laughing for a whole hour – it was *that* good.  I'd seen them before, but hey - it's improvisation.  They were the same people; the show had much the same basic structure; but wasn't the same show.  Fantastic.  Go see them if you can.

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