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Arrival in Pune

I am properly here in the Hyatt Pune.  I met Rory (one of the guys I am working with) when we got off the plane.  we were on the same flight, but neither of us knew what the other looked like and Rory had a really tight connection from Aberdeen.  On top of that there was a reallocation of the seats so neither of us knew where the other was.  Flight was fine – I dozed a bit.  Grub was nice.

I have an ‘apartment’ in the hotel.  Basically a two room flat plus bathroom.  It’s got loads of equipment in it everything from teaspoons though cooking utensils to a washing machine, dishwasher and a fridge/freezer.  But unless you brought tea/coffee/milk with you  - you can’t even make a cuppa, and if you do you have nothing to wash up with.

Rory and I plan to meet at seven (that’s 2:30 to you) and get something to eat.  Then I think I will have an early night.  I’m not sure which way is up.

We had a three hour taxi transfer from Mumbai to Pune.  Driving appears to be easy here.  You press the horn till the guy in front moves out of your way.  It’s not significant if he has anywhere to move to.  Honk anyway!  The disconcerting bit is the beggars who come and tap on the window.

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