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Mosquitos and Driving

Being paranoid - I brought a mosquito net with me.  I thought even if there are no mosquitos there are bound to be other bitey things about and it will be protection. I  have not used it, or at least not yet.  There don’t seem to be any significant insects about.

Rory and I went out to a local restaurant for dinner last night – probably risky – but enjoyable.  As we walked along there were some massive fruit-bats out playing in the evening…maybe eating all the insects.  Then, just like they say about the tropics, night fell.  Nearly like turning off a light switch.  We drank 'Elephants'.  It seems beers here have a stronger version.  Elephant is the strong Carlsberg lager - 8%.  Not something to have too much of.

Walking back to the hotel the road was still jammed with traffic.  I have no idea how they miss each other…oops they don’t.  We have a car from the hotel that runs us to the office and back.  As we came along toward the office this morning a guy on a small motorcycle (there are billions of them.  About 1 in 8 wears a helmet, no-one wears gloves) just ran into the back of the car in front of him.  Kudos… he didn’t even fall off.  Neither of them thought enough of it to even exchange a word.  It never happened they just drove on!

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