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I was quite worried about the heat before coming here. Wikipedia ( shows that it can get really hot here.  The hotel and the office are fine.  They have galactic air conditioning and there are parts of the hotel that are seriously cold.

Outside is rains quite a bit each day and is always overcast - so far!  It's about the temperature of an (English) warm summer's day but with rain.  That's a consequence of the monsoon season.  If you look at the Wikipedia chart you see that the peak temperatures are about April/May, then it gets cooler because it starts raining (monsoon).  Later in the year October/November it gets hotter.

Overcast is good for me because if/when there is no cloud/rain it's about 10 degrees hotter.  That's not wimpy Fahrenheit degrees it's proper Celsius.  Look back at that Wikipedia chart and see what the record temperatures are.

Pune has a height advantage, we are at about 1800 feet, that keeps it a bit cooler especially in the evenings.

So far I found it's cool enough that I've kept the air conditioning in my room switched off.  I may change my mind later, but for now I am not too hot and happier with the quiet.  If it gets properly hot during my trip I may change my mind.

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