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Nearly Independence Day

Independence Day, 15th August, is a massive thing in India.  It's a major public holiday.  In the office we celebrated the day before with people dressing in traditional Indian clothing - the girls were *much* more enthusiastic than the boys, just look at these fabulous colours.
There were competitions round the office.
These are examples of Rangoli; artwork created directly on the floor using materials such as coloured rice, flour, or flower petals.  Just look at the clarity and the detail in them.  These were done in about one to two hours, yes by a team, but as a team you have to work very accurately together to do this.  It's not usual to walk into the reception area and risk trampling artwork underfoot.  Rangoli is very traditional in India.  People I spoke to said they learned the skills at home where it is a part of the major Indian festivals.

A number of groups chose the vestibule area between reception and the lifts.

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